“This system is of great added value in the choice of upholstery fabrics. Customers are more convinced of their choice because they have been able to experience what the upholstery will look like under different lighting conditions. ”


Vivian van Loon, Manager of Leolux Design Centers Netherlands


When purchasing a piece of furniture, the choice of upholstery is very important. Light is extremely important for how a product is experienced. That is why Leolux is the first party in Europe to opt for the innovative tunable lighting concept from Invisua for the assessment of upholstery fabrics.


“For the assessment of upholstery materials, many advisors at furniture stores walk outside with the customer. Daylight often gives a good impression of the real color of the material. But you are highly dependent on the weather and the lighting conditions at that time. Moreover, daylight does not tell you how the upholstery shows in the evening, by candlelight or dimmed artificial light” says Vivian van Loon, Manager of Leolux Design Centers Netherlands.


“With the tunable lighting system from Invisua, all these circumstances can be shown to customers in the showroom. That way you ensure that the chosen upholstery fabrics turn out to be the right choice under all lighting conditions.”


Artificial light exists in many variants such as candlelight, halogen and warm or cooler LED light. Daylight is also constantly changing: a cloudy day has a completely different color spectrum than a sunny day or a sunset. “The color of the light has a major impact on our experience of upholstery materials. If you want to choose and combine the right materials, then you should actually view the fabrics under all these light conditions.


That is why it is important to be able to simulate different lighting conditions in the showroom” says Matthijs Keuper, Managing Director of Invisua Lighting. Via a smartphone or tablet, Leolux advisors can now easily simulate different color settings and the customer can immediately see how the material or the combination of materials react to this.


Vivian van Loon, Manager of Leolux Design Centers Netherlands is enthusiastic: “A combination of 3 different fabric colors within a set of dining room chairs recently showed that the contrast was only clearly visible in daylight. In the evening, the way of weaving and the pattern was more noticeable. Thanks to the innovative lighting from Invisua we were able to simulate this perfectly. That gave the customer a certain feeling about his choice.”