How to attract customers?

This might be the most relevant and difficult question a retail company has to answer. Obviously a visually attractive shop window is one of the most important tools for a retail company. But how can you make your shop window really stand out from its environment? And how can you make sure it attracts customers and even entices them to enter your shop? Lighting is an important tool, and has a direct impact on the perception potential customers have on your shop window. The invisua lighting system enables you to really make a difference in shop window lighting and effectively attract customers.

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Attracting customers with dynamic lighting

Studies show that using the use of dynamic lighting can contribute significantly in drawing more attention to your shop window. Just by slightly varying the brightness levels of the merchandise on display, will already make your shop window will look much more interesting to customers. By tuning the white light color temperature, specific atmospheres can be created by tuning the white light color temperature. And by even adding color temperature contrasts in the lighting scheme, your display can look extremely original and appealing. All of this will result in attracting more new customers.

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Attracting and retaining customers

Adding colors to the display will, when applied with care, make the display even more visually stimulating. Specific colors can be used to guide the customer’s perception or just used to enhance certain colors of the merchandise on display. The invisua lighting system is the perfect lighting system to attract more customers into your shop. This intelligent LED lighting system will enable you to create the exact atmosphere at the right time. It can be tailored to the time of year, the products on display or even the time of day. The invisua masterspot can turn your shop into a real retail experience.

Other Benefits

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Draw Attention

Just using the right accent lighting is often not enough to get your store noticed. The use of dynamic lighting to draw more attention has proven to be more effective.

Shopping experience

Shopping Experience

Shopping experience is hot topic nowadays. It is one of the key differentiators that stores have in comparison with the ever growing number of web shops. But what is shopping experience exactly? And how can we improve it?

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Perfect Product Presentation

In a retail environment, it is all about presenting your products in the best possible way. Of course lighting plays a vital role in this. But how can the lighting be optimized for perfect product presentation?