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foyer lighting.

The foyer of your hotel is an important element in your hotel presentation. The full hotel concept should be reflected in the foyer. Foyer lighting has a great impact on the way your guests’ experience the hotel while entering. Often the things we register in our subconscious, like lighting, have a greater impact on our experience than what we register consciously. Inspiring foyer lighting has a direct positive impression on your guests’ emotions when entering your hotel.

Bring your foyer design to life

Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting brings a whole new dimension to your foyer. Thanks to the Create app on your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the lighting scene whenever you want: for the occasion of a theme party, the reception of an important guest, a holiday, or a big event. Whatever setting you wish to create, everything is possible. Our professional lighting solutions enable you to bring your foyer to life, with the touch of your finger in the Create app – by playing with the light and adjusting it endlessly to match the situation, the season or even the time of day. Discover your possibilities today.