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The shop window is a very important element of a retail space. The shop window should not only entice people to enter the shop, but should also feature your brand identity to your customers. The shop window gives new customers the first impression about the shop, brand and products.

The basic requirement for good shop window lighting is the use of the right accent lighting solution, with enough light output, high light quality, a narrow beam and the right color temperature. Creating drama by providing a distinct contrast ratio between light and shadow, is vital in creating a visually interesting shop window in which the displayed products stand out.

Make your presentation lively and fresh

Invisua’s Dynamic LED lighting system lets visual merchandisers profit from the psychology of light. Color and contrast make the presentation stand out and attract the attention of customers. Did you know that combining different color temperatures in one lighting scene can create an amazing light experience in shop windows? The variation from cool to warm white will make textures and colors pop, and will intensify the focus on your products. Invisua’s dynamic shop window lighting helps you create fascinating presentations, which you can optimize with a simple touch on your smartphone, as many times as you wish.

Spot-on colors for every product

The most common color temperature of shop window lighting is warm white (3000K-4100K). But is this the best for all products? Some fabrics may look better with a warm cozy white light – while a display with crystals or diamonds would be better viewed under a crisp cool white light. Invisua’s fully tunable-spectrum lighting offers you high quality tunable-white lighting, with a high light output and a narrow beam to present every product in the best possible way!

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