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Hospitality lighting that captures the imagination

Hospitality is all about making guests feel welcome and setting the right mood. The lighting should make your guests feel at ease and comfortable. Hospitality lighting in hotel foyers, restaurants and galleries is a very important aspect of the guest experience. The color temperature of light is strongly related to our experience. A warm color temperature may remind you of a relaxing fireplace, while a cool color temperature may make you think of a bright summer day.

Playing with light

By matching the color temperature to the daylight, a space looks more inviting. Just imagine a restaurant with a cool color temperature during lunch, a warmer and cozier temperature at dinnertime and colorful dynamic lighting late at night. Invisua Lighting has brought the power and control of theatrical lighting to retail and hospitality. Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting system is a professional lighting solution that enables you to really play with your hospitality lighting. The possibilities are unlimited.

The best solution for hospitality lighting

Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting system offers you tunable-spectrum lighting with fully adjustable color temperatures and the possibility to create colorful dynamic light scenes easily. Lighting design was never this simple. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and the Create app. With these tools, the hospitality lighting can be adjusted to every situation and atmosphere with the touch of a finger. The Invisua Masterspot gives a new dimension to hospitality design.