charmedby simplicity.

Natural light from the sun is dynamic; ever changing. As the sun moves above us, the color appears to shift over the course of the day, changing our perception and mood.

Clouds can cover over the sun, sunlight can reflect off the water and sunlight may shine through a swaying tree; dynamic light is everywhere around us. Many times, we don’t even notice it, but sometimes dynamic lighting enthralls us. Invisua Lighting gives you the tools you need to capture the dynamic qualities of natural light, in retail and hospitality spaces.

Subtle LED lighting for true visual experiences

What if we take lighting to the next level? What if lighting could be more than just functional in commercial spaces and retail stores? What if we could create a truly new visual experience to attract and inspire customers? With the Invisua Masterspot, you can easily create a completely new visual experience that attracts customers into your space. The Masterspot allows you to create subtle light effects that are almost unnoticeable, yet highly effective in drawing the attention of new customers. The Masterspot as available in an LED track light that can be integrated effortlessly in existing lighting installations.


Your visual presentation becomes brilliant, animated and expressive when the lighting is optimized for the time of year, the season or even time of day.

Make your own dynamic lighting scene

Dynamic lighting can contribute significantly to your lighting scene by changing color, brightness or dimming based on the time of the day or depending on the scene. Dynamic lighting scenes are easily created with the Invisua Create web-app. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required. Thanks to the Invisua Lightport, you control all Masterspots wirelessly. Standing in front of the shop window, you fully orchestrate the lighting within the window, to optimize the scene quickly and easily. Everything is possible.