attractedby dynamic lighting solutions.

Take retail concepts to the next level with retail lighting

Retail design changes constantly. Retail concepts must be reinvented time and time again to be successful. As online stores gain in popularity, the importance of a dynamic and eye-catching retail display increases.Retail companies look for ways to add value to their brands and to better relate to customers.


To do so, many department stores, fashion stores and boutiques focus on creating an excellent retail experience for their customers with their store experience and attractive shop windows. Dynamic lighting is a powerful tool for grabbing attention, and can play a surprising role in creating excellent retail experiences.

Theatre lighting instore

Compare static retail store lighting to the ever-changing beauty of daylight, which modulates during the day, the season, and due to the changes in weather. Retail lighting is much more appealing and eye-catching when the lighting design is optimized for the products on display, and when it changes based on the time of year or even time of day! This is exactly what the Invisua lighting system offers retail stores. Invisua Lighting brings the power and control of theatrical lighting to retail stores.

Adjusting the light scene with your smartphone

Imagine adjusting your lighting design to the perfect scene for your new collection, the SALE, or any other occasion with just one touch on your smartphone. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and the Create app. With these tools, you control and match the lighting to your imagination, while standing in front of the shop window to get the best view. Create a nice warm setting for the new summer collection, or a cooler setting for the latest winter sport accessories. Add a touch of color for a party ambiance, or special -lighting effects during closing hours.


Lighting becomes a visual merchandise tool

The dynamic lighting system developed by Invisua brings you the flexibility in lighting design that you need to attract more people to your retail store and to maximize your turnover! Suddenly, your lighting installation is part of the overall visual merchandising approach. The lighting will strengthen your brand! Invisua lighting never compromises illumination levels or light quality, and provides the maintenance benefits of the latest LED technology. That’s the Invisua lighting system.