Retail Lighting

Lighting has an essential role in the overall atmosphere of retail stores. Retail lighting has more functions than just illuminating the merchandise or showing where the location of the cash register is. Retail lighting design is an integral part of the design of a retail store. It can contributes significantly to the overall retail experience. Which is the key to differentiation of a retail store from its competition. Combined with an outstanding personal service, the right atmosphere will not only make the retail store stand out, it will also makes customers come back frequently.

Missed opportunities in retail lighting

Most retail lighting installations are quite static and once installed are barely touched. This means that a lighting scheme for a shop window or retail store interior is always the same: for every season, for every occasion and for every collection, it’s always the same. Which is a shame because every season, occasion, collection and moment will benefit from a customized lighting scheme.

Dynamic retail Lighting

Compare retail store lighting to daylight, which is very dynamic: it changes during the day, the season and due to the weather. Retail lighting would be much more appealing and convincing if the lighting design is optimized for the products on display at a certain time of year, or even time of day! This is exactly what the Invisua lighting system has to offer. Invisua makes lighting really dynamic.

The perfect lighting scheme within one touch

Imagine being able to adjust your complete light setting to the perfect scene for your new collection, the SALE or any other occasion, with just one touch on your smartphone. Create a nice warm setting for the new summer collection, or a cooler setting for the latest winter sport accessories. Or add a touch of colors for a party ambiance or some lighting effects during closing hours.

Invisua lighting system for retail use

The dynamic lighting system developed by Invisua brings you the flexibility in lighting design that you need to attract more people into your retail store and to maximize your turnover! Suddenly your lighting installation is part of the overall visual merchandise approach. It will strengthen your brand in the way you want it. Without any compromise in illuminations levels and light quality, and with the maintenance benefits of the latest LED technology. That’s the Invisua lighting system.

Other Applications

The Invisua Lighting system is especially suited for the following applications

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality lighting is all about making people feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. The Invisua lighting system is a perfect lighting solution for public spaces.

Shop Window Lighting

The shop window is a very important part of a retail space. The shop window should not only entice people to come into enter the shop, but it also plays a big role in showing your brand identity to your customers.

Haarmode Brommert Invisua

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is an important aspect of the retail space. Imagine what could be done with accent lighting that can be tuned exactly to the product that is highlighted.