Weber Original Store, Berlin

“Invisua’s dynamic lighting system guides customers to specific products and gives staff the opportunity to start the sales conversation from there.”


Carolin Klinck, Expansion Manager WOS EMEA, Weber-Stephen Products


The famous barbeque brand Weber has chosen for the Invisua Lighting solutions to evolve the store concept of their flagshipstore in Berlin. “We are constantly evolving our store concept. Thus, we go to fairs and see what is new on the market. Your lighting solution was one of our discoveries. With this new lighting we are able to highlight certain products more than others. Which is of great importance to our large brand stores. We are happy with it!” Carolin Klinck, Expansion Manager WOS EMEA at Weber-Stephen Products says.


Working with lighting, wasn’t the first thing the team at Magasin thought of. Denmark is very dark much time of the day in autumn, winter and spring. So, the lights can do their work perfectly most of the time. Ben Pashley, Stores Creative Manager at Magasin du Nord; “At first, the team we needed to convince was a bit skeptical, there was some hesitation. Luckily, we have managed to convince them give it a try. When they saw the lighting live they were amazed by the effect.”


Weber is working with several preset lighting scenes in our Create web-app, like Heartbeat, Sunset and a subtle yellow glow from left to right. “Lighting is important to every retailer and to us as well. Our store concept is quite dark; thus, we use lighting to illuminate what is important: the product. Up until now we were only using lighting that is meant for cars rather than fashion to keep reflection to a minimum.” The dynamic lighting is being integrated into the existing lighting plan. It makes the important product presentations stand out and attracts customers.