astonishedby tunable
spectrum lighting.

Get introduced to the Invisua Masterspot 2 Track, the latest innovation from Invisua Lighting. The Masterspot 2 Track is a full-spectrum tunable LED fixture with a slim, industrial look.

Masterspot Track Black

This track fixture has a luminous intensity of 35,000 cd and a remarkable light quality (CRI 95, R9>90). The Masterspot 2 Track has a unique adjustable beam angle of 12-24°. The Masterspot 2 Track is an exceptionally powerful, tunable, track lighting fixture that can transform any store or restaurant into an eye-catching visual experience thanks to its high quality light. A variety of track compatible adapters makes installation in existing lighting plans a breeze.

Masterspot 2 Track features

  • Extremely powerful (35,000cd)
  • Very high light quality (CRI 95, R9>90)
  • Tunable-white light with a wide range (1,000K – 15,000K)
  • Saturated RGB colors
  • Unique: adjustable beam angle (12-24°)
  • RF controlled: no wires
  • Tunable from 0.1 to 100%
  • Clear-cut shadows
  • Light scene control via smartphone, tablet, DMX or PC
  • Rated lifetime 50,000 hours
  • Guaranty 5 years