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5 ways to attract more customers to your store using dynamic lighting

The retail challenge

Retail design is constantly changing. Retail concepts need to be reinvented time and time again to be successful. Retail companies are looking for ways to add value to their brands and to relate to customers. To do so, they are focusing on creating an excellent retail experience for their customers, using  their store experience and attractive shop windows. Dynamic lighting is a powerful tool for grabbing attention, and can play a surprising role in creating excellent retail experiences. In this blog, we suggest 5 ways to attract more customers with dynamic lighting.

1. Create powerful images with shadow

Did you know that combining warm white light and cool white light together in one display creates visual interest? Using cozy warm white lighting in contrast with bright crisp white lighting can make products pop out against the background.


2. Vary the lighting direction

Nothing is as fascinating and attractive as the ever-changing beauty of daylight, which modulates during the day, the season, and due to the weather. Compared to daylight, static retail store lighting lacks any interest. Retail lighting would be much more appealing and eye-catching if the lighting design was optimized to the products on display, with lighting that  would change over time, based on the time of year or even time of day!

3.    Create dynamic lighting scenes

Dynamic lighting can contribute significantly to attracting the attention of your customers, by changing color, contrast or dimming based on time of year, seasons or even time of day. It is exciting to use bright, saturated colors to draw attention. Of course, you don’t want your presentation to be oversaturated or look look like a carnival. Luckily even the subtlest variations in color or contrast can bring people’s attention to products on display. The human eye is very sensitive to small changes in color and light-output. Dynamic changes in the lighting scene can be used to move customer’s attention around a space. With Invisua dynamic lighting, you can modulate the display lighting over time so each customer will never see the same display twice, without making visual merchandise changes.


4.    Create colored shadows

Color and contrast can be used to create fascination and entice customers. Colored shadows really make your shop window come alive. Dynamic lighting allows you to use lighting methods from the theatre to intensify the shop window experience. Colorful shadows will make your presentation fascinating and will add extra emotion. This allows for visual merchandisers to take advantage of the psychology of light.

“The magnificent lighting opportunities afforded by the Invisua Masterspot fixtures have already brought our Christmas window displays to life.”

James Barnett, Selfridges & Co, Production Manager for Creative Presentation

5.    Focus on the right products

Creating a dynamic and eye-catching retail display is all about the bigger picture, but in retail, sales is essential. Best design practice comes down to putting the focus on the right products, in order to sell more. Dynamic lighting allows you to choose the heroes on display. Dynamic lighting brings you the flexibility in lighting design that you need to attract more people to your retail store and to maximize your turnover! Suddenly, your lighting installation is part of the overall visual merchandising approach. The lighting will strengthen your brand!

The Invisua LED lighting system

Invisua Lighting produces robust dynamic LED lighting solutions. Invisua Lighting allows for effortless integration into new or existing retail and hospitality spaces. Be mesmerized by Invisua Lighting’s dynamic LED lighting solutions. Invisua Lighting has brought the power and control of theatrical lighting to retail and hospitality. The result? Breathtaking displays and presentations that will absolutely amaze you. Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting solutions are the visual merchandising tool of the future. That’s why we call ourselves ‘Lightcreators’.

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