amazedby preset light scenes.

With #gofilter Invisua Lighting takes the next step in unlocking the full potential of the Invisua Masterspot. The app effortlessly brings the magic of the Masterspot into your shop window with an extensive list of preset dynamic lighting shows. Or, as we call them, lighting filters. These filters work like Instagram filters; with a simple action you can change the complete atmosphere.

#gofilter preset filters | Invisua Lighting
#gofilter preset filters | Invisua Lighting

Where on Instagram you’re editing photos, in #gofilter you’re editing real life presentations with the same ease. The web-app is developed as a remote control and a visual editor of the dynamic lighting system in one. You can get an instant preview of the impact of each filter, by uploading a picture of your shop window. And you can see the effect in the shop window itself, standing in front of it.

An extensive list of preset filters

The amazing new #gofilter web-app enables you to use preset filters, enhancing your presentation. Including filters for specific color settings, seasons and big themes like for example Christmas and Halloween. Consider these filters the starting point for your light scenes. Of course, you can use the filters as they are. But you can also customize the preset filters as you wish, by adjusting the colors, the pace and the color transition. With the new app, creating new light scenes is both easy and fun.

The advantages of Invisua #gofilter

  • Visual editor: instant preview of the impact of each filter
  • Remote control: control the Masterspots on your smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Preview: upload a picture of your shop window to preview the result
  • Simple: select preset filters for specific color settings, seasons and themes
  • Flexible: modify the preset filters as you wish
  • Easy & Fun: no programming knowledge required

store set-up

To be able to work with #gofilter the only thing you need is an account and a device that is connected to the same WIFI network as the Lightport you wish to control. The web-app is accessible on PC, Tablet & Mobile

  1. Select your Lightport.
  2. Confirm the amount of Masterspot fixtures in your shop window.
  3. Take or select a photo of your shop window and crop the photo as you like.
  4. Place the light spots in the app according to the Masterspots in your shop window, simply by dragging them into the right position. The web-app helps you by turning the spot you are working with to green, both in de app and in your shop window.
  5. Now you are ready to go!

Light scenes from scratch with Invisua Create

Whenever you prefer to design light scenes from scratch our other web-app Create is the best tool for you. Create offers you full control over all functions of the Invisua Lighting system.

#gofilter store set-up | Invisua Lighting
#gofilter store set-up | Invisua Lighting

Planned features

The #gofilter web-app will be extended with new features in the near future. Here is a list of the features we have planned:

  • Week calendar – this allows you to plan different shows throughout the week
  • Multiple fixture groups – giving you even more control over your shows
  • Additional preset filters
  • Complex color fades

With Invisua #gofilter, creating dynamic light scenes is both easy and fun!

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