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Magasin, Copenhagen

“Our first impression; amazing! The Invisua Lighting system really brought our idea behind the Christmas shop windows and the whole atmosphere to life. The lighting even adds drama to it and gives our shop another dimension.”


Stella Johnsson, Campaign Creative Manager, Magasin

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The prestigious department store Magasin has chosen for the Invisua Lighting solutions to upgrade the shop windows at their flagshipstore in Copenhagen. Introducing their amazing Christmas shop windows, the new lighting was introduced. Each year it is a challenge for Magasin to create the most beautiful ‘Julehus’ (Christmas house) of the world. “It is the biggest campaign of the year and to us the most important one too. Regular customers pay a visit to Magasin throughout the year. But around Christmas time all Danish are interested in visiting Magasin. They are excited to see what Magasin looks like and to buy their Christmas gifts.”


Working with lighting, wasn’t the first thing the team at Magasin thought of. Denmark is very dark much time of the day in autumn, winter and spring. So, the lights can do their work perfectly most of the time. Ben Pashley, Stores Creative Manager at Magasin du Nord; “At first, the team we needed to convince was a bit skeptical, there was some hesitation. Luckily, we have managed to convince them give it a try. When they saw the lighting live they were amazed by the effect.”


The new dynamic lighting gives Magasin a lot of new opportunities. “We have struggled a lot with the visibility of our windows. Although we have a lot of traffic passing by, there is a big difference between the cars and the people on bike and foot. People on foot and by bike pass by close to the windows. But cars that pass by see the windows from some distance. Before, without color, there wasn’t much to see from a distance. Now people are going to interact with the shop windows.

Another advantage is with seasonal campaigns. Now we can change the colors of the walls without painting them for a sale event for example. The shop windows will absolutely attract the attention of passersby that are walking, cycling and driving in their car. Working with light this way is something really nobody had thought of yet. People are going to be surprised.” Stella Johnsson says.


Invisua worked closely together with the Danish lighting consultancy LIK Lighting to turn these amazing shop windows into a true Christmas wonder world.

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Magasin du Nord Window 4