Selfridges London

“The magnificent lighting opportunities afforded by the Invisua Masterspot fixtures have really brought our Christmas window displays to life.”

James Barnett, Production Manager Windows and Creative, Selfridges & Co

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Most ambitious window scheme to date

One of the world’s best known department stores, Selfridges, chose the Invisua Masterspot 2 Track to illuminate their “Journey to the Stars” themed Christmas windows at their facility at Oxford Street, London.

Shop window lighting brings window displays to life

Invisua’s partner Progress Lighting Ltd., who took care of the lighting design and installation, selected the Masterspot 2 because of its ability to bring every window to life with specific lighting settings, whether cooler or warmer light was needed, or even colors. Some of the windows make use of dynamic lighting scenes, to further boost the visual experience of these dazzling windows.

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Shop window lighting brings window displays to life

Rod Pallister, Progress Lighting Limited’s managing director: “We are incredibly proud in the fact that over the next few months millions of shoppers will look at the display that we have helped bring to life. You can say Christmas really has come early for Progress Lighting.”

Shop window lighting brings window displays to life

Invisua Lighting is very proud to have realized another amazing project with Progress Lighting Ltd., so short after the launch of this new product in the UK.

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