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The Invisua Lightport is the heart of the Invisua Lighting system. It enables full control of the Invisua Masterspot fixtures with your smartphone, tablet or pc. It is connected to your local network and connects wirelessly to the Invisua Masterspot fixtures.

Invisua Lightport

Control via Wi-Fi – no wires needed

To minimize the installation effort of the Invisua Lighting system, Invisua fixtures are designed to be controlled wirelessly with a radio frequency signal. In that way, no DMX, 1-10V, or DALI line is needed and installation will be as simple as powering up the fixtures. The Invisua Lightport will be connected to your local network so you can control your lighting with your smartphone, tablet, or pc. If an existing DMX lighting control system is present, the Invisua Lightport can easily connect to the DMX network. In that way, the Invisua Masterspot fixtures are also controlled via your DMX controller.

Plug and play setup

In combination with the Invisua Create web-app, the Invisua Lightport assures an intuitive step-by-step configuration process. The Invisua Masterspot fixtures are discovered, identified, and positioned on the right position of your space’s floor plan After that, with the Invisua Create web-app, amazing static or dynamic lighting scenes can be designed with your tablet or pc, without installing any software! These lighting scenes are automatically stored on your Lightport and can be activated with just a touch of a finger on your smartphone, tablet, or pc.

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