Shop Window lighting Bretz | Invisua Lighting


“Shortly before the opening of our Bretz flagship store, I got to know the dynamic lighting system from Invisua. It was the icing on the cake for our furniture presentation. In my opinion a must for every furniture store. ”


Achim Vogler, Owner Flaghshipstore Bretz Bodensee, Kreuzlingen Switzerland

Shop Window lighting Bretz | Invisua Lighting


Bretz is a true distinctive brand. In times of mainstream thinking and conformity, Bretz distinguishes itself with design furniture that they call “True Characters”. Bretz goes against the trend and shows imagination, courage and creativity in the design of their furniture.


In the manufacture of the furniture, the best materials, excellent workmanship, love for details and innovative ideas are chosen. Every pillow, sofa and bed is exclusively hand-made in Germany.


The end result is premium, artisan pieces that couldn’t be further from mainstream, uniformity and mass production. Which requires a powerful presentation of the furniture in the Bretz flagship stores.


The dynamic lighting of Invisua has been used in the newly opened Bretz flaghship store Bodensee in Kreuzlingen in parts of the showroom that are clearly visible through the shop windows. With colorful and dynamic light shows extra attention is given to the showroom in the evenings.


The presentation catches the eye and does right to the distinctive furniture pieces. Thanks to the lighting from Invisua, the “True Characters” from Bretz also stand out very well in the evenings.


Invisua worked closely with Salve Energie GmbH to turn these fantastic shop windows into a impressive presentation.

Shop Window lighting Bretz | Invisua Lighting