How Invisua Lighting created loads of traffic at Light + Building

How Invisua Lighting created loads of traffic at Light + Building

‘Connected – Secure – Convenient’ was the motto of Light + Building 2018. A motto that suits Invisua’s tunable spectrum lighting solutions perfectly.


Light + Building therefore is a great trade fair to launch our brand-new web-app #gofilter. Inspiring tomorrow, great for today.

Launching #gofilter


At Light + Building Invisua launched the brand-new web-app #gofilter. #gofilter makes illuminating displays a child’s play. #gofilter in fact is convenience in optima forma. The web-app contains preset filters that can be used to illuminate your presentation. With the new app, creating new light scenes is both simple and fun. Simply select the preset filters and adjust them as desired. At Light + Building we offered our visitors the opportunity to experience #gofilter themselves.

How Invisua Lighting created loads of traffic at Light + Building



Our mission at Light + Building was to demonstrate that working with dynamic lighting is a very effective way to draw attention. As one of the very many exhibitors in this trade fair, it was our main goal to catch the eye of people passing by, to make them notice us and visit our booth. Doing so clearly states the added value of our dynamic led lighting solutions to both retail and hospitality spaces.


Of course, we worked with dynamic lighting scenes, using color and contrast. Luckily, the human eye is very sensitive to small changes in color and light-output. But we also pulled a nice stunt with our golden shoes with LED lights. Those shoes didn’t go unnoticed and gave us a lot of extra attention and traffic in our booth.

Bringing the booth to life



Once we attracted the attention of passerby’s, we needed to inspire them to walk into the booth. Therefore, we created an impressive point of impact where the full lighting concept was reflected. At Light + Building, our Stargate was a real eye-catcher. Our Stargate enabled us to demonstrate our lighting system and showing our visitors the added value of dynamic lighting scenes in visual presentations.

The result? A booth with real stopping power!


Now that we have recovered a bit from Light + Building, it is safe to say that we are looking back on a very successful exhibition. We were noticed, received a lot of visitors and there was a lot of interest in our beautiful lighting solution.


Our dynamic lighting solution lends itself perfectly for outstanding booths with real stopping power. Our success at the fair also did not go unnoticed by others. Even exhibitors in our area thanked us on social media for the crowd we attracted. A real win, win situation for all of us.