“The dynamic lighting creates a spectacular tribute to the square in the evening.”


Tom Verheijen, Rapenbrug Plaza, Partner & Lighting Designer


Hofpleintheater in Rotterdam is situated in a beautiful building with the remarkable ‘Karel Appel’ Wall, a colorful ‘glass in concrete’ piece of art that dates from 1970. The theatre wished for more visibility of the artwork outside the theater and improved lighting.


“Karel Appel’s characteristic ‘glass-in-concrete’ work of art not only marks the theater’s frontage, but also creates spectacular light in the new public area during the daytime. The idea for the exposure of this Apple Wall by night is quite simple. Rapenburg Plaza wanted to illuminate the wall form the inside so the wall will also radiate from the square. In addition, we wanted to highlight some details of the wall. By doing this with Masterspots we wanted to achieve a light fall of colored glass on the ground of the square. This enhances the effect that the glass in concrete can have on the square and by programming a dynamic effect, these details will come to life even more.” says Tom Verheijen, Partner & Lighting Designer at Rapenbrug Plaza.


“The ‘Karel Appel’ Wall is one of the first things people see, looking at the theatre. It is a vital part of our presentation. The new lighting has a great contribution to the first impression of the theatre. We now even can project the atmosphere of the show playing in the theater in the wall. Which gives the theater a better experience” Kim van Wijk, Hofpleintheater, says.

Invisua worked closely together with our Dutch partners Rapenburg Plaza and Tom Stiegelis to design and install the lighting at Hofpleintheater in the autumn of 2017.