Restaurant lighting that makes the difference

Turning a night out into an unforgettable memory; that’s the ultimate challenge for many restaurants. Restaurant designers may focus a lot of attention on the kitchen, the waiters and the interior design. Lighting is needed to bring the entire experience together. Restaurant lighting has a great impact on the experience of diners. When entering the restaurant, the color temperature of the light influences our perception of the restaurant significantly. “Stay or go” is decided in a split second. Proper restaurant lighting contributes strongly to a positive outcome.

For restaurants that stand out

Warm, warmer, warmest: many restaurants use warm white light to create a cozy atmosphere. Restaurant lighting is brought to the next level with tunable-spectrum LED lighting. The lighting can be modulated between dim and warm, or bright and cool, depending on the mood of the interior space. The lighting for a high-power business lunch may be bright and white, while an intimate dinner requires more warmth and drama for a romantic experience. If your restaurant changes into a lively club at night, Invisua Lighting can change the space into a dancing scene in seconds. Discover the Invisua Masterspot; experience the possibilities!