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Stretch your imagination

Stretch is a perfect theme for Invisua Lighting. In fact, it is what these Lightcreators do every day, by stretching our imagination and focusing on making the impossible possible. We play with light, we design light fixtures and allow you to play with them. We challenge the world of professional lighting and push the limits. We stimulate others’ creativity and show them how activating lighting can energize their creative and commercial ambitions.


In this blog, we are suggesting new ways to stretch your imagination with dynamic lighting in hospitality spaces based on our Dynamic Light Expo at EAST during the Dutch Design Week.

Draw attention


The first challenge for Invisua at Dutch Design Week is to demonstrate that working with dynamic lighting is a very effective way to draw attention. The expo location is a brand-new hospitality space called EAST, situated in the Innovation Powerhouse at Strijp-T. This was not a hospitality location before, so we need to catch the eye of people passing by to make them notice the restaurant and step in. We will work with dynamic lighting scenes, using color and contrast. Luckily, the human eye is very sensitive to small changes in color and light-output.

Bringing the entrance to life


Once we attract the attention of passerbys, we need to inspire them to walk into the restaurant. The entrance is an important part of the restaurant presentation. This should be a real point of impact where the full restaurant concept is reflected. At EAST, the bar is a real eye-catcher. Our first dynamic lighting scene is being projected on the bar, giving the bar and the surrounding area a real sparkle matching the time of day. We have scheduled dynamic lighting scenes with a cool color temperature during lunch, a warmer and cozier temperature at dinnertime and colorful dynamic lighting late at night.

Restaurant East Dutch Design Week

Making EAST stand out

EAST represents the multi culinary society in Eindhoven and unites several rich cultures, cuisines and products. Flavors from the West will be combined with flavors of the near and far East, from Turkey to Malaysia and from Libya to India. To give EAST a real eastern atmosphere, we are working with a lot of contrast and warm colors. Yellow, orange and red tones lighting the huge flower decorations in the restaurant, will give EAST the right context and atmosphere.

Creating an organic flow

The design of an inspiring hospitality setting comes down to allowing for the right context and atmosphere. How do you make your visitors move through the restaurant naturally? How do you make areas stand out and get the attention they deserve? Playing with color tunable-spectrum lighting can have a powerful effect on visitors. Invisua enabled EAST to create and control the experience in the direction they want. During the Dutch Design Week, we will experiment with the lighting to make people move around the restaurant easily. Our Create app allows us to adjust the light scene whenever we want, as many times as we wish.

Create Colorpicker Spectrum