Presenting products desirably and irresistibly is the ultimate challenge of every visual merchandiser. Designers often use presentation materials to attract customers, but lighting can be an even more powerful tool. Good boutique lighting can highlight and promote delicate fabrics and subtle materials to enhance the customer experience. With tunable-spectrum lighting solutions, you can add emotion and drama to your presentation. Enchant or seduce those who pass by and inspire them to step into your boutique.

Retail lighting that entices

Dynamic boutique lighting is a powerful tool to draw and hold the attention of customers. Invisua Lighting connects to your customers with the theatrical power of dynamic lighting. Invisua Lighting solutions provide complete flexibility to adjust the color, contrast, or timing of your visual presentation environment. Tune the lighting to bring out subtle colors and textures in a delicate fabric, or change the contrast for a dramatic look.


The Masterspot produces clear and saturated colors, and also subtle variations in color and contrast. The highly controllable lighting entices customers and brings visual presentations to life. The possibilities of the Invisua lighting system are limited only by your imagination!