astoundedby dynamic
gallery lighting.

Gallery lighting that brings art to life

The design of an inspiring exhibition comes down to setting the right context and atmosphere. How do you make your visitors move through the exhibition naturally?


How do you make the exhibits stand out and get the attention they deserve? Playing with color tunable-spectrum lighting can have a powerful effect on visitors. Invisua enables you to create and control the experience in the direction you want.

In theatres and museums, the lighting in the reception area can be adjusted to match the atmosphere of the show or exhibit: a classic, warm-white lighting scheme for a concert versus a colorful, dynamic scheme for a children’s play.

Dynamic solution for each exhibition

Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting solutions can be used to visually empower any effect the artist aims for with his or her artwork. For example, recreating the conditions under which the artwork was produced; like a sunset or a warm summer day.The lighting can blend-in to let the surroundings be a part of the artwork, or it can create a contrast for tension in the space. Our professional lighting solutions enable you to bring the exhibition to life. Optimal light scenes can be created easily with the Create app. The Create app allows you to adjust the light scene whenever you want, as many times as you wish.