Meet the designer of #gofilter
Interview with Martijn Hoogers

We have recently launched our new #gofilter web-app. This amazing new app enables you to use preset filters lightening your presentation. Including filters for specific color settings and themes. With the new app, creating new light scenes is both easy and fun. We are very pleased to introduce you to Martijn Hoogers, the designer of the app.

What is your idea behind the new #gofilter web-app?

We have developed #gofilter to be able to bring the magic of the Masterspot into shop windows effortlessly. The Invisua Masterspot has so many possibilities. With #gofilter we are unlocking them for everyone.


What is so unique about #gofilter?

#gofilter allows for an effortless simulation of dynamic light in your shop window on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

#gofilter store set-up | Invisua Lighting
#gofilter preset filters | Invisua Lighting

What is the difference between #gofilter and the existing Create web-app?

With Create it was easy for light designers to create dynamic light scenes. In Create light shows can be created from scratch. We noticed that people with little knowledge of light had difficulty with the first steps in making light scenes.


The Invisua Masterspot gives your presentation a lot of visual options. So, the web-app also had to become visually driven to make the creativity and the end result correspond more.


The full functionality of #gofilter is also available for mobile, where previously creating light scenes in Create was only possible on tablets and PCs. This app is very easy to work with, standing in front of your shop window with your mobile phone as a remote control. Therefore, we decided to develop an app that gives light scene creation a head-start by working with preset light filters that can be modified.

What do you think are the best features?

The photo upload! By uploading a photo of your shop window, in combination with our new rendering techniques, you can immediately experience the impact of the light scene you have created on the screen of your phone. And with one finger click your light scene becomes reality.


And I am also proud of the plug-and-play installation. We have created a simple set-up guide for the installation of the app and recognizing de Lightport and Masterspots.

#gofilter store set-up | Invisua Lighting
#gofilter preset filters | Invisua Lighting

What is your favorite filter?

My favorite filter is Calm Sunrise, this offers you the magic of a rising sun.


What are you most proud of?

That we have managed to create an app that functions as a remote control and a visual editor in one.


For whom is #gofilter a real solution?

People who are visually oriented and prefer to use and modify existing examples. Or people that are a holding back from designing light scenes from scratch.


What will #gofilter bring in the future?

We have a lot of developments planned for in the near-by future. For instance, a week calendar. This gives you the possibility to plan different shows throughout the week. We are also working on the option to let the user create fixture groups. That gives even more control over the light scenes. And of course, an extension of the preset filters and dynamic effects.