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Invisua Lighting believes that it shouldn’t take a professional to adjust the lighting scene to a new theme or to highlight the latest products on display. Therefore, Invisua Lighting developed the Invisua Create web-app. Thanks to this web-based interface, you can create a lighting scene on your own, in just a few minutes, while standing in front of the shop window or in the commercial space! The Create web-app proves that Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting solutions are so much more than just tunable-white LED lighting. The possibilities are unlimited.

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The advantages of Invisua Create

  • Intuitive: creation of light scenes, static and dynamic
  • Simple: light scene design on your smartphone or tablet
  • Quick: start with preset light scenes
  • Flexible: easily adjust light scenes along the way
  • Clear: Step-by-step configuration of the lighting system

Create light scenes yourself

The first time you use the Invisua Create web-app, the web-app tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process of designing your first light scene. This will only take a few minutes and then you are ready to go! What makes the Invisua LED lighting system so special is that the app works with powerful and tunable full-spectrum LED Masterspots. This combination allows for simple creation of both static and dynamic lighting scenes in only few minutes. To make working with the dynamic LED lighting system easy, we have created several preset light scenes  you can use right away to optimize your display as you wish. Creating a light scene has never been this easy!

Selecting the right
light scene

The lighting scenes you create can easily be activated from any device with an internet connection. Go to and you will automatically be directed to your Lightport. There, you’ll have access to the light scenes that you have saved, and to the preset light scenes provided by Invisua. Select the light scene that you wish to activate, and optimize it if needed, while standing in front of your shop window or display.

Individual control
of the Masterspots

The color picker makes it possible to control each Masterspot individually and to adjust it to the desired color, whether this is a white tone or an RGB color. In the center of the screen you can pick from a wide range of white tones throughout the blackbody locus. By moving up and down from there, more saturated RGB colors can be selected. Masterspots are tunable LED spots that can be individually dimmed to 0.1%. Masterspot fixtures can be turned on and off using the switch on the top of the screen.

Week scheduler

To make the use of dynamic lighting even easier, Invisua has created the Week Scheduler page within the Create web app. Just drag and drop your lighting scenes to a specific day of the week, and adjust the start and end time. Copy this day schedule easily to other days of the week. After hitting the save button, your lighting installation will automatically activate the right lighting scene at the right time!


With Invisua Create, everyone can easily use dynamic lighting!

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