#gofilter: unlimited visual merchandising possibilities

Dynamic lighting often is associated with cheap-looking RGB lighting that is more disruptive than reinforcing. Unfairly, because dynamic lighting can really take shop windows to the next level. Dynamic lighting gives shop windows more attention value and stopping power in a subtle way. In this blog, we show you how the #gofilter web app offers you unlimited visual merchandise possibilities.

#gofilter: unlimited visual merchandise possibilities | Invisua Lighting

1. Working with preset light scenes


#gofilter is based on a complete visual approach for creating light scenes. An extensive list of preset dynamic light scenes is ready for use in the app. Or, as we call them, lighting filters. These filters work like Instagram filters; with a simple action you can change the complete atmosphere. All you have to do is point the Masterspots at the focus points the presentation. Both physically in your window and virtually in the app. The filters are suitable for direct use, but can also be used as a starting point for your own light scenes in the #gofilter app.

Etalagefoto uploaden in de app

2. Preview of your shop window in the app

#gofilter is developed as a complete visual editor, in the app you can immediately see a preview of the filter that is active. To ensure that you really get a good idea of what the filter looks like in your shop window, it is possible to upload a photo of your shop window in the app. The filter is then shown over the image of the shop window. Of course, your actions can also be implemented real-time in the shop window, because the lights can also be controlled directly from the app by playing the light scene.

kleuren aanpassen in de app

3. Optimize colors

The preset filters each have their own color palette. In the app it is possible to change one or more colors of this palette or even choose a completely new palette. The intensity can also be determined per color. In this way you can completely optimize the filter in color and intensity for your shop window and even for the moment of the day.

duur en fade instellen in de app

4. The perfect transitions

In each filter contains a preset transition. The way in which the dynamic light scene takes place can be adjusted as desired in the app. First of all, by adjusting the effects. You can choose various dynamic effects; from left to right, from right to left, from the inside to the outside, random or all Masterspots simultaneously. The tempo of the transitions can also be determined exactly. Go for a very gradual and quiet effect or rather for a flashy and fast effect.


By adjusting the duration you choose your own pace. Finally, the color transition effect can also be determined. Do you want the colors to change without overflow or do you want a soft gradient from one color to another.

#gofilter: unlimited visual merchandise possibilities | Invisua Lighting

The advantages of #gofilter

  • Visual editor: instant preview of the impact of each filter
  • Remote control: control the Masterspots on your smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Preview: upload a picture of your shop window to preview the result
  • Simple: select preset filters for specific color settings, seasons and themes
  • Flexible: modify the preset filters as you wish• Easy & Fun: no programming knowledge required