Retail lighting for the department stores of the future

Department stores know that a beautiful and dynamic shop window is the best way to show off the success of the store. These windows can be fascinating and eye-catching, and contribute to the thrill of a shopping trip. To maintain a perfectly designed window, stores need to change out the designs regularly in prominent displays.

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Flexible, dynamic and impactful lighting solutions are of great value to department stores because they promote these beautiful windows displays and catch the eye of those passing by. With Invisua lighting, the possibilities are limited only by the creativity of the designer.

Dynamic solutions for every display

Invisua’s tunable-spectrum LED lighting highlights brands or products in department stores by creating a consistent look and feel in all shop windows within a theme, or by letting each shop window fully blend into the look and feel of the brand on display. Every brand brings its own specific approach to the shop window and to the customer. The dynamic lighting solutions by Invisua are very flexible, without making the shop windows look like a carnival of colors. Dynamic presentations demand flexible lighting solutions. The Create app allows you to create the optimal lighting scene for each shop window, and you can easily adjust the look with a simple touch of your smartphone. Standing in front of the shop window, you can fully orchestrate the lighting within the window, to optimize the scene quickly and easily. Everything is possible.