Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality lighting is all about making people feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. Whether the location is a restaurant, a hotel, a bar, a theatre, a museum or a library, lighting is a very important aspect of the customer’s experience.

Play with your hospitality lighting

The color temperature of the light is strongly related to our experience. Warmer color temperatures are perceived as being relaxing, while cooler color temperatures are perceived as being more energetic. This makes a tunable white light source perfect for use in hospitality environments. By matching the color temperature to the daylight, a space looks more inviting. While at night a warmer and cozier temperature will look much more appealing to your customers. The Invisua LED lighting system is a professional lighting solution that enables you to really play with your hospitality lighting. The possibilities are unlimited.

Lighting your public space

Just imagine a restaurant where you can have a cooler color temperature for lunch, a warmer color temperature during dinnertime and a colorful dynamic lighting scheme for the late hours at night. For theatres or museums, the lighting in the reception area can be adjusted to match the atmosphere of the show or exhibit: a classic, warm-white lighting scheme for a concert versus a colorful, dynamic scheme for a children’s play.

The best solution in hospitality lighting

The Invisua lighting system is a perfect lighting solution for public spaces. With adjustable color temperature and the possibility to create colorful dynamic lighting schemes, the lighting can be adjusted to any situation. The Invisua Masterspot really gives a new dimension to hospitality design.

Other Applications

The Invisua Lighting system is especially suited for the following applications

Shopping experience

Retail Lighting

Lighting has an essential role in the overall atmosphere of retail stores. The dynamic lighting system developed by Invisua brings you the flexibility in lighting design that you need to attract more people into your retail store and to maximize your turnover.

Shop Window Lighting

The shop window is a very important part of a retail space. The shop window should not only entice people to come into enter the shop, but it also plays a big role in showing your brand identity to your customers.

Haarmode Brommert Invisua

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is an important aspect of the retail space. Imagine what could be done with accent lighting that can be tuned exactly to the product that is highlighted.