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dynamic effects.

How to attract customers? This is the most challenging and difficult question retail and hospitality companies need to answer. They know that a breath-taking display is the way to attract customers. How do you make an impression with your shop window, and how do you make sure that it attracts customers and entices them to enter?

Lighting is a powerful tool to attract more customers. Invisua’s tunable-spectrum lighting solutions allow you to employ the dynamic lighting techniques of the theater in your shop window or merchandizing display, and turn your window or display into a true visual sensation.

More customers with dynamic lighting

Studies show that the use of dynamic lighting contributes significantly to the attention given to your shop window. Variations of brightness in the light directed at your products will make your shop window more visually interesting. Specific atmospheres are created by controlling the color temperature of the lighting. By adding contrasts in the color temperature, your shop window design will look original and attractive, which results in more attention from customers.

Attract and keep customers

Adding color to your shop window lighting makes it more visually stimulating. Specific colors can be used to “color the perception” of the customer, or to pop-out the colors of the products on display. Dynamic lighting contributes significantly to attracting and influencing the attention of your customers. Invisua’s intelligent LED-lighting system allows you to create the perfect atmosphere at any time by changing color, contrast, or dimming based on time of year, the season, or even time of day. Imagine what you can do with the unlimited possibilities of the Invisua Lighting system. Invisua Lighting allows you to draw attention and to influence consumer buying decisions. This makes the Invisua dynamic LED lighting system a true visual merchandising tool!