energizedby new visual
merchandise possiblities.

Visual merchandising is how a store communicates within its retail space. Promotional displays, posters, and other decorations bring attention to certain products, and illustrate store themes. In the traditional visual merchandising approach, the existing lighting installation is hardly involved. In the best case, spotlights are re-aimed when the position of the merchandise has changed. Wouldn’t it be great if lighting could strengthen the visual display of merchandise? Lighting would be an integral part of the visual merchandising approach in your retail space, and would strengthen your marketing strategy.

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Dynamic lighting

Imagine what could be done with accent lighting  tuned exactly to needs of the merchandise being highlighted. If the lighting could be tuned to a warmer white for items with lots of reds and oranges, and a cooler white for blue products or items that sparkle, the display would appear much more vibrant and noteworthy!


For specific areas that deserve extra attention, such as the shop window or a promotional display, dynamic lighting contributes significantly to attracting the attention of your customers. Subtle variations in intensity created by the Invisua Masterspot fixtures, make people notice the products on display.


The possibilities of the Invisua lighting system are endless and are limited only by the imagination of the people using it! Dynamic lighting scenes are easily created with the Invisua Create web-app. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required. Thanks to the Invisua Lightport, you can control all Masterspots wirelessly. Standing in front of the shop window, you can fully orchestrate the lighting within the window, to optimize the scene quickly and easily. Everything is possible.