fixatedby outstanding
visual performance.

Tools to focus the customer’s attention on your company … isn’t that exactly what you wish for? There are thousands of ways to attract the attention of new customers, and in this digital era, new possibilities keep appearing. Lighting is a powerful device that can attract and focus the customer’s attention, when it is used in smart and subtle ways. Lighting that is too noisy and bright can discourage customers. Refined lighting solutions, perfectly adjusted to the situation, can appeal to customers and invite them in.

Often used: accent lighting

Accent lighting is a classic way to draw attention to stores and products. The shop window is the perfect place to highlight the newest products with accent lighting. By paying special attention to the selection of the right beam angles, light output, and color temperature, you can maximize the lighting effects on your products. Allowing for the right contrast will make your presentation look much more appealing.

The next level: dynamic accent lighting

Accent lighting alone is not enough to really make your store stand out. Dynamic accent lighting has proven to be much more effective. Dynamic accent lighting will take your shop window to the next level. The human eye is very sensitive to small changes in color and light-output. Dynamic changes in the lighting scene move a customer’s attention around a space. Invisua Lighting offers a dynamic accent lighting solution that has a subliminal effect on people. Invisua Lighting focuses attention and helps you turn people passing by into new customers!