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Influence consumer buying decisions with lighting

Influencing what customers buy starts with deciding what they see. Designing an attractive shop window contributes to this. Make sure customers notice the most valuable products first; for example, products with a higher profit or products that you sell exclusively. Studies show that to make shop window displays and individual products really stand out, it is essential to create high vertical lighting levels. Invisua’s tunable dynamic accent lighting solutions allow you to entice your customers by lighting every display optimally.

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Dynamic accent lighting

Accent lighting is essential to modern lighting design. It helps you create visually attractive displays boost sales. Providing the right contrast ratio is vital in creating a visually interesting shop window. Low contrast ratios result in a flat and boring setting, whereas higher contrast ratios make the products on display more noticeable and more desirable. Dynamic accent lighting contributes enormously when converting a static store interior into a surprising and pleasant experience.


Store presentations are made more appealing using dynamic lighting scenes and variations in light intensity. The use of tunable-spectrum lighting takes the customer experience to a higher level. Variations in intensity and color draw the attention of customers and allow the store to make specific products stand out and increase their sales. Invisua’s dynamic LED lighting system makes it perfectly easy!