Brommert Hairstyling

Brommert Hairstyling has recently upgraded their barbershop with the innovative lighting solution from Invisua Lighting. The owner wanted to upgrade the barbershop interior to a more modern look and feel, including dynamic lighting to create a relaxed wellness atmosphere for the customers.

Next to that, the shop window and the hairstyling products on display needed some extra attention, to be able to attract more customers and improve the revenue from the products on display.

By adding only a few Invisua Masterspot fixtures to the existing light installation, the complete look of the storefront and the shop interior are significantly improved.  More customers are entering this nice barbershop, customers feel more relaxed once inside and the turnover of the hairstyling products has improved!

Invisua Lighting is very proud to be part of this amazing barbershop makeover.

For this lighting installation, a combination of narrow (12deg) beam and medium (24deg) beam Invisua Masterspot fixtures were used.