Ot en Sien

Ot en Sien kids fashion


Ot en Sien kids fashion


Ot en Sien kids fashion is a modern shop with a long history. The new young owner was looking for a way to promote his new collection in a better way. The existing shop window lighting installation consisted of a few wide angle HID spots and did not deliver the right experience he would like to achieve. The small mannequins in his shop window did not stand out at all, including the cloths they were wearing.


The invisua lighting solution provided just what he was looking for: good quality light with a great punch to highlight his mannequins and a way to tune the lighting to showcase his cloths in the best possible way. Next to that, he is able to create some dynamic lighting effects to make his shop window stand out in the shopping street he is located at.


For this occasion, during the FIFA World Cup in Brasil, Ot en Sien created a shopping window to support the Dutch soccer team. Nice warm white light is used to boost the orange cloths, slightly cooler light is used on the complementary blue colors, and the Dutch flag is illuminated with dynamic light, to draw attention.


For this lighting installation a combination of narrow (12deg) and medium (24deg) beam Invisua Masterspot fixtures has been chosen.