DPL Flowerdemo

DPL Flowerdemo




Invisua Lighting and their partner DPL-Europe dedicated one of the demo rooms in the Lighting Experience Center (LEC) of DPL-Europe to showcasing the Invisua Masterspot fixture.

To demonstrate the benefits of a dynamic lighting concept in retail environments, the flower shop was completely equipped with the Invisua Lighting system. Customers of DPL are surprised by the power and light quality of the lighting installation and can experience the effect of different color temperatures on the atmosphere of the shop.

Using this set-up, it is easily demonstrated that a dynamic lighting scene will contribute to drawing more attention to the products on display in a shop or shop window.

For this lighting installation a combination of narrow (12deg) and medium (24deg) beam Invisua Masterspot fixtures has been chosen, to create an interesting lighting design with sufficient contrast.


DPL-Europe warm lightDPL-Europe cool light