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Invisua wins LED Award
Innovative dynamic lighting system

We truly believe that dynamic lighting is an essential tool to create the desired atmosphere of a professional space, suited to the moment of the day or the time of year. To enable this, we developed an innovative dynamic lighting system that will make indoor lighting more interesting, appealing and natural.

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Light will never be the same

We are passionate about lighting and technology and see it as our destiny to bring all of the possibilities that the latest technology provides to you in the best and most easy way. We strive to excite people by the performance and possibilities of our products. With Invisua, light will never be the same!

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Invisua Facts

Invisua lighting is located near Eindhoven, in the heart of the high tech lighting area in the southern part of the Netherlands. We are housed in an exciting old industrial premises, where the famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek used to produce and design all his great products.

The Team

Career opportunities

We always have multiple possibilities for traineeships or graduation projects for students, especially for the studies Applied Physics, Mechanical Design and Industrial Product Design.

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