New hospitality lighting for Het Nieuwe Instituut


Lighting plays an incredibly important role in creating a total visual experience for short-term expositions of three months. Het Nieuwe Instituut (The New Institute) has asked our client, Romar, to come up with a lighting solution which creates a technological experience and which can be reconfigured for each new exposition. The solution was found in the Invisua Masterspot 2 Track.


Hospitality lighting adaptable to every mood

Het Nieuwe Instituut, situated in the innovative city of Rotterdam, does research into the meaning of architecture, design and e-culture for society and facilitates the dialogue between the design disciplines and the public. They organise exhibitions, researches, lectures, fellowships and publications. Key themes for Het Nieuwe Instituut within all its activities are ‘design’ and ‘innovation’.

Romar designs lighting and experience concepts based on sustainable LED products and provides total solutions using LED products for the Hospitality, Experience, Restaurant, Healthcare, Retail and Utilities markets. For this project, Romar created the technical experience for the hospitality areas of Het Nieuwe Instituut. The attention was mainly focused on the restaurant and entrance areas.


Achieving optimum results

The idea behind the concept is to make the fixtures modular so that they can be used for every exposition. The choice fell on the Masterspot 2 Track of Invisua. This lighting system allows Het Nieuwe Instituut to set up the lighting per exposition and create a totally unique experience every time.

The user-friendly app enables complete and wireless control of the LED spotlights for different colours and light scenes. Basic and pastel colours are both easy to apply. Thanks to the high intensity and quality of the spotlights, the goal was achieved: generate the best possible result using the fewest possible fixtures.


Technical specifications of entrance & restaurant lighting

This hospitality solution was realised using Invisua LED spotlights mounted on a 3-phase rail system. The spotlights communicate wirelessly with the Invisua Create web application.

Each fixture is capable of creating high-quality white light with a tunable colour temperature of 1,000 up to 25,000 K. In addition, the fixtures can be configured for every colour imaginable from a palette of millions of possibilities. Thanks to the adjustable beam angle (from 12 to 24 degrees), the fixtures can be placed at a height of 6 metres and still offer more than enough light in the work area.


Technical requirements for entrance & restaurant lighting

  • Wireless control
  • CRI higher than 95
  • Tunable white light 1,000 – 25,000 Kelvin
  • Adjustable beam angle 12 – 24 degrees
  • Adaptable colours
  • Can be connected to a 3-phase track system.