A new light on ART


Torso warm white and cool white


On Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th May 2016, Invisua Lighting took part in the second edition of the MUSEUM VAKDAGEN (Museum Trade Days) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Museum Vakdagen cater for both professionals and volunteers from the museum world in the Netherlands and Flanders. Invisua Lighting has specialised expertise in the field of colour and light quality and is a relatively new player in the world of museum lighting. The lighting system we have developed was originally intended for high-end retail, although it also offers wide-ranging possibilities for museums.


Museum lighting with dynamic white

Recently, Invisua visited a pilot project at a museum in the heart of Rome to show how dynamic white light can influence the ‘emotions’ one has when observing a work of art.


The museum owns a unique assemblage of privately owned art collections, which are on display exclusively for small groups of special guests. During the art tour, a guide unveils the works of art one by one. With just a tap on the tablet, the spotlights are dimmed and only the artwork on display is illuminated. Using the Masterspot system we demonstrated what influence the colour temperature of white light has on the ‘feeling’ about a work of art. The manager of the museum was positively surprised at how easy the colour temperature can be adapted for each artwork and how different the painting can look. With a press of a button on the tablet, the Invisua system allows you to set the optimum colour temperature for each artwork individually, from a very low colour temperature of 1,800 K (candlelight) to very high, for instance 1,0000 K (cloudy sky).


Accurate intensity and colour control

The Invisua Masterspot 2 is a trackspot that enables you to control the intensity and colour with extreme precision. Whether it’s creating accurate white tones with a very high light quality (CRI>95, R9>95), subtle pastel shades or saturated colours, everything is possible.


Easy installation

Due to the wireless control of the lighting, the system can quickly be installed in existing tracks and is versatile in its use. For example, the system can be used for correcting or complementing daylight by connecting it to a building management system. What’s more, interactive effects can also easily be created. The user interface is a web application, which means it can quickly and effortlessly be adapted to the specific customer needs.


Experience a new light on art

Would you like to see what a work of art looks like in the sun, under a cloudy sky, or by candlelight? Want to experience what light and colour can do with emotion and how quickly and easily this can be adapted? Then please contact us or visit our showroom for a true-to-life experience of how dynamic white light can optimise your works of art.