Hunkemöller Düsseldorf


Hunkemöller Store Düsseldorf



 “With the addition of moving colored light effects, the Invisua Lighting system enriches our shop windows in a very special way. Every window campaign can be strengthened individually with matching colors from the collection or the visuals. In this way we create even more attractive shop windows with real stopping power!”

Britta Hall,  Global Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandise Manager, Hunkemöller


Dutch leading lingerie retail brand Hunkemöller opened their first German flagship store in Düsseldorf earlier this month. This store is packed with innovations in the field of visual experience: a fitting room with fully tunable ambience, an interactive product presentation table and a dynamic shop window as the main eye catcher of this new shop.

Dutch lighting consultancy agency Utilicht and Invisua Lighting worked closely together on the realization of the dynamic lighting system for the shop window of this exciting new store. The invisua lighting system was chosen because of its ease of use and its high degree of color tunability.



With the created dynamic lighting scenes, fully tuned to the Hunkemöller color scheme and merchandise, it is impossible to walk by the shop without noticing it. The shoppers are surprised and enticed to enter the shop, to further experience the Hunkemöller brand.

For this lighting installation, narrow (12deg) beam Invisua Masterspot fixtures were used, to maximize the attention value with high contrast ratios.



Invisua Lighting and their partner Utilicht are very proud of the overall result and are looking back on a fruitful cooperation.

See this video below for an impression of this amazing shop window and check out this link for more information.